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Introducing Solve in Time(rs)!

Ever just need timers of various lengths for class activities? What about musical timers to get the creative juices flowing for individual or group work? The perfect companion to Solve in Time! is here. Facilitators, use these timers to help pace your students in the different steps of Solve in Time! and beyond:

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Problem-Solving is Virtually Possible!

Remote learning is something we all need to get used to it seems, so we might as well make the best of it! Seriously, let’s make the best of it by blending low-tech with high-tech in order to continue to strech our mental and emotional capacities.    How To Conduct Via Video Conference It is easy […]

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Yes this is all a bit crazy and a bit scary, but we can make it, and learning can continue. It just may look different. In our last post we explained that due to the coronavirus, all of the world has been deeply impacted, including education. Solve in Time! Premium cards may be delayed, but […]

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PBL Integration with Solve in time Pt. 2

Using PBL for Current Events Here’s Looking at You Social Studies Teachers! Ever start class off with a statement like this, “I originally planned on doing something entirely different for today, but change of plans.” If you’re a teacher, of course you have! Sometimes there are events of such social significance that they cannot be […]

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PBL Integration with Solve in time Pt. 1

GETTING STARTED WITH REAL WORLD PBL So you wanna be starting something but experiencing mental block on how to integrate problem-based learning into your curriculum? See this prep guide to help #SolveiT!   WHAT IS PBL? PBL is the new craze, it seems like all the cool teachers are doing it. PBL in Math, PBL […]

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