CoronaVirus: Clarity and Opportunity


As the concerns around the coronavirus continue to grow along with the rising number of infected individuals and deaths, this is a major problem that has grown past what I previously viewed as an epidemic, into a full-on pandemic. As a result, many schools, conferences, and large gatherings are being canceled or postponed for public safety reasons. Obviously this is a real-world problem that needs solving.

An Opportunity

Solve in Time! is a problem-solving protocol. If your school or workplace is on high alert for potentially closing but is currently still in session, we would encourage taking advantage of the opportunity of using Solve in Time! with your staff in order to solve the various challenges ahead. Putting on your compassion caps, get started by identifying some potential challenges the people you serve may be facing. Here are just a few topics that come to mind:

  • Communication challenges
  • Child care
  • Internet access and stability
  • Device access
  • Comfort with distance learning
  • Meals at home 

A Point of Clarity

Solve in Time! is an analog card activity that is designed for small groups to work together to solve real-world problems and to share out their creative solutions within a certain time frame. Maybe an app can be developed for the future, but that would require a shift in design as well as time and money to create it. At this time, for me or my volunteer team (dubbed the SolveiTeers) to force the issue would not be wise as it would go against the grain of all of the previous work done in research and product testing. So, for now, we will stick with physical cards and use them when and how it most makes sense, while also having fun exploring the possibilities of developing a digital activity in the future!

Digital Options

One thing we should know about educators and executives is to never underestimate their ability to get creative in a pinch! So while we acknowledge that Solve in Time! was designed as an analog or blended-learning opportunity, somewhere a teacher is saying, “hold my Number 2 pencil!” and figuring out a way to hack the slide presentation or to utilize a creative app to conduct a collaborative learning session remotely. All we can say to you is, “rock on with your bad self!” Also, mind sharing your creative genius with the rest of us? #SolveiT

One Last Opportunity

At the time of this writing, there is one more promo deck to send out to the best social media post, as well as new cards available for pre-order. Yeah, you read that correctly, new cards are coming! Bonus points for anyone that has read to the very end, use the code: 10off for 10% off your order.  

Thank you for being a supporter and a fellow problem-solver. Please stay safe and stay curious.

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