📏 The rules to Solve in Time™ are meant to be flexible and adaptable, but the following are suggestions for typical gameplay: 

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦  Participants are broken into small groups of 3 or 4 and asked to put away all devices, with the exception of one person per team. The person with a device is the designated researcher and timekeeper. Each team can aim to solve the same problem or select at least one different problem per team (ex: boredom, sickness, car-trouble, whatever you like!)  

▶️ Each team selects at least one card of each color and places them face-down in order. Total time is typically 15-35 min but can be adjusted as desired. Set a time-limit for completing all steps and make timer visible for all players. Teams should manage their time well to develop a creative solution to the problem. The following are recommended times for each step:

🆘 SOS– is an optional card for use with multiple teams and a facilitator. It serves as a reminder to players to collaborate and use all resources before asking for help. If assistance is still needed from the facilitator, the group can raise their SOS card. Warning! If you use it, you lose it, so use it wisely!

Problem ~1-3 min (depending on if problem is pre-selected or chosen as a team). Identify your relevant and real problem to solve. Summarize it in a single sentence. 

Research ~3-5 min.  Select at least one Research card and answer the question(s) using your personal knowledge and research skills.

Understand ~3-5 min. Select at least one Understand card and answer the question(s) using your empathy and compassion skills.

Solve ~3-5 min. Select at least one Solve card and answer the question(s) using your imagination and critical thinking skills.

Share ~10-20 min. Select a Share card and use your communication and creativity skills to share your solution to the problem. 


↗️ Group share and vote on favorite solutions. Consider how you could combine ideas and begin planning to put your solution(s) into action! #SolveiT. We would love to see what you create at 



🖥️ Presentation Slides– looking to present Solve in Time? Copy and adapt your own slides from here.


🙏 Special thanks to @aprilpc for contributing feedback for instructions. Have additional thoughts or alternative rules, please share with us @solveintime.