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Solve in Time!™ is a gamified problem-based learning activity that uses the design-thinking process to solve real-world problems. The goal is to creatively explain a solution to a relevant, real-world problem within a set time limit.

Up to six teams of 2-4 players (24 total) can play using a single deck. Great for couple play and multi-team play!


For educational purposes only.

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2 reviews for Solve in Time! PREMIUM cards

  1. Emily Roth

    This is the best product to hit the virtual shelfs! This product fosters all of those essential life skills found in school mission statements–critical thinking, collaboration, empathy, effective communication. This is a must-have item for both classrooms and staff meetings. The free resources and supports on this site are amazing, too!

  2. Ryan Read

    As a business and technology teacher, I’m trying to have my students step out and solve problems for their projects and business designs. Many times, they don’t know what questions to start with. Using Solve it! has been the key unlocking the questions they need to be asking themselves in PBL. Using critical thinking, collaboration and communication. They are truly learning. These are a must need for classrooms, professional development and staff meetings.

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