Racial Equity

This particular workshop is focused on racist practices within the school or workplace setting. Not only recognizing them, but creating a framework for discussion, defining of key terms, deconstructing their origin and impact, and designing solutions on the policy-level.


Attending a workshop for Solving Racism? Set aside at at least 30 minutes and do this pre-work to familiarize yourself with some of the key concepts concerning race and racism:

(either are best completed on a computer or laptop).

The Activity

Utilizing the gamified problem-based learning activity called, Solve in Time! along with the Equity edition expansion cards, participants will utilize the design-thinking process to solve problems related to inequity in their setting.

Continue Your Growth

See the following resources for building out your personal and organizational understanding of race and racism. Choose from the following “lens” in which you would prefer to look at race and its effects:

Telescopes 🔭
historical narratives, cross-cultural, biographies or novels
Layered and Complex
historical to present analysis; research-based
Mirrors 🤳
Introspective and interrogative
self-help, personal or team analysis
Magnifying Glasses 🔍
Short Looks
podcasts of historical and/or complex works

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