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    📏 Are there rules to this activity? Yep! See the Instructions page.
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🆘SOS– is an optional card for use with multiple teams and a facilitator. It serves as a reminder to players to collaborate and use all resources before asking for help. If assistance is still needed from the facilitator, the group can raise their SOS card. Warning! If you use it, you lose it, so use it wisely! Print your own SOS cards here.

📃Play Sheet– use this sheet as a place mat for cards, or try laminating and writing on it directly with dry-erase pens as a response sheet! Print Play Sheet here.

⏰ Use custom timers for facilitating large-group play. Copy and customize your own musical timers here.
📱 Wanting to add tech to your game play? Try any of the over 100 cross-platform creative apps found here.
🖥️ Presentation Slides– looking to present Solve in Time? Copy and adapt your own slides from here.


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