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A washed Ethiopian Yirgachaffe, light roast.  A fruit-forward flavor profile for the coffee connoisseur. Try it without sugar and cream to see what we mean!

Out of coffee? #SolveiT! 1/2 lb (pre-roast weight) whole bean, premium single-origin light roast coffee.

For a limited time, try Solve ‘n Grind! Specialty single origin coffee home roasted by Dee Lanier. Some creators request that you buy them coffee. How about you buy yourself some coffee instead?!

If you have questions, feel free to join the coffee chat at

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Fully Caffeinated Pack

Solve in Time!® Premium cards (main deck)

Solve in Time!® is a gamified problem-based learning activity that uses the design-thinking process to solve real-world problems. The goal is to creatively explain a solution to a relevant, real-world problem within a set time limit.

Up to six teams of 2-4 players (24 total) can play using a single deck. Great for couple play and multi-team play!

For educational purposes only.

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Need coffee? #SolveiT! For a limited time, try Solve ‘n Grind! Home roasted by Solve in Time! creator, Dee Lanier. Some creatives request that you buy them coffee. How about you buy yourself some coffee instead?!

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