Problem-Solving is Virtually Possible!

Remotely Sharing Solve in Time!

Remote learning is something we all need to get used to it seems, so we might as well make the best of it! Seriously, let’s make the best of it by blending low-tech with high-tech in order to continue to strech our mental and emotional capacities.   

How To Conduct Via Video Conference

It is easy enough to use Solve in Time!® cards to process through any problem in person, but remote-learning poses a new set of challenges. Have no fear, it is not as hard as it seems. Using the Solve in Time!® presentation slides with built-in timers, Solve in Time!® cards, and your video conferencing tool of choice (Google Meet, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, etc), you can guide participants remotely similar to how you would in person, with just a few modifications to your approach. 

Keep The Process Simple

Unless participants are in a space where they can (safely) gather in small groups, simply facilitate to the entire group and have all participants respond individually. Collaboration is still possible at the final step, when people share their solutions. Also, instead of each group receiving a different set of cards, the facilitator will pick a card from each step at random and show them to the screen for every participant to respond to the same question.  

Adjust As Needed

You know your people and your circumstances better than anyone else, therefore, make adjustments to the process as needed. Feel the need to pre-select specific questions to ask your group of participants? Do it! Want to give extended time for each step, or even give an entire day to each step? Why not? We actually experimented with this approach in a recent slow chat on Twitter, which you can see here. It was so much fun, we will definitely be trying it again! If your participants are tech savvy enough and you are familiar with various ways to replicate the in-person experience of small groups and different questions per team, not only should you do it, please share your techie edu-magic with us all 🤩! We’re excited to see what you create, and are here to help if needed. Happy problem-solving! 

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4 thoughts on “Problem-Solving is Virtually Possible!

  1. I saw this on the Ditch Summit Conference. Very intrigued. I liked what I saw and heard. Well done.

    1. Thank you! Much more to come in the form of digital assets. Be sure to stay connected by subscribing!

  2. Very excited for the design thinking cards.


    1. You’re very welcome!

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